Group Picture National Nuclear Physics Summer School at UC Riverside 2023


Group Picture National Nuclear Physics Summer School at UC Riverside 2023

The 2023 National Nuclear Physics Summer School (NNPSS) will be held from 10 July through 21 July, at the University of California, Riverside. 

The summer school is open to graduate students and postdocs within a few years of their Ph.D. (on either side). Lecturers (listed below) will provide pedagogical reviews and discuss future prospects covering the full range of topics in experimental and theoretical nuclear physics (topics listed below). Nobel Laureate Barry Barish will deliver a special lecture on LIGO with an emphasis on neutron stars and meet with the participants. 

The school will consist of ten days of lectures, special topics seminars and discussions, excursions to Huntington Beach State Park and the Loma Linda Proton Therapy Treatment & Research Center,  and several social activities. The school provides an excellent opportunity for junior researchers to acquire a broad perspective on current and future research in nuclear physics, and to network with other researchers.
Additional information is available through the INT website:
The school will arrange and cover the expenses for lodging and meals for those individuals who are accepted. 




Directions to get to UCR:

The school participants should adhere to the APS Code of Conduct


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The school is being organized by Ken Barish and Miguel Arratia (co-chairs). 





Nuclear Astrophysics

Neutron star merger

Nuclear Structure 

nuclear structure

Superheavy Elements

heavy element

 Hot QCD matter

hot qcd matter

Nuclear Fusion at NIF

Nuclear fusion

Lattice QCD 

lattice QCD

Neutron Decay and EDMs

Neutron EDM

Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay 

matter asymmetry

Nucleon Spin

Cold QCD proton spin structure

 Nucleon Tomography

protons made out of quarks and gluons

Nuclear Medicine 

Nuclear medicine



Confirmed speakers

The NNPSS 2023 organizers acknowledge support from: 

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